Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Day and Mom Update

It snowed here today. Well, just a dusting really, but snow none the less. Living in a place that usually doesn't see a lot of snow means that when we do see the white stuff, we get really excited.
Snowy Rooftops
The snow looked like powdered sugar on our yard.
Pretty even for just a little while

I took those photos this morning and now, mid-afternoon, when I look our at our yard, it is almost all melted. A fleeting glance of winter.

I have an update on my mom today. She has developed an infection and was transferred back to The Oklahoma Heart Hospital this afternoon for treatment. The doctors have not pinpointed the source of infection, but are suspecting it is centered around her chest incision. For those who do not know, or who wish to be caught up to speed, here's a recap the last 71 days in my family.

November 2: Mom admitted to the Heart Hospital for open heart surgery. Aortic valve replaced, mitral valve repaired. Stayed one week in critical care unit, then moved to a regular room.

November 9th: Diagnosed with pneumonia

November 13th: Moved back to critical care, place on a bi-pap machine, given a second round of powerful antibiotics, given a feeding tube. Said to be critical.

December 5th: put on a ventilator, a tracheotomy, and a peg tube in her stomach

December 14th: started to improve

December 29th: transferred to Integris Hospital to the Jim Thorpe rehab facility to work on physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Tracheotomy is removed!

January 1-8: making great progress, walking better, breathing better, discharge date set for January 14th.

TODAY: woke up with a fever and pus coming from her original chest incision, transferred back to the Heart Hospital to be under the care of her cardiac surgeon.

I would be lying to say I'm not a little worried, but I am confident in the care that she is receiving and hopeful that this is a minor setback. She is so ready to go home. Please keep us in your prayers!


Maria Rose said...

Oh no! I will certainly keep her in my prayers. I am sad to hear about the setback, but thank goodness they caught it before she went home when it could have been worse!

affectioknit said...

Still praying for your Mom's quick recovery...Snow is awesome - enjoy and stay warm...