Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nurse Emily

Today started off with an early morning phone call from my dad. I was worried something was wrong with my mom, but instead he said he was having his own personal emergency. While eating some popcorn the night before, he bit down on a hard kernel which ended up shattering one of his molars into three pieces. His dentist was going to work him in at 9:00 this morning which meant that Dad needed me to come sit with Mom while he had some dental work done. Poor guy. He came home numb, mouth filled with gauze, and one less tooth. I spent a little time with my mom and the home health nurse who was changing the dressing on Mom's wound vacuum.

After I hung out with Mom for awhile, I headed off to work. While there I got a phone call from the girls' school saying that Leah had a 101 degree fever and needed to come home. One good thing about Mike working out of our house is that he was able to run right up there to get her. She came home, crawled in her bed and slept for two hours. When I got home, she woke up, grabbed the "puke bucket" and proceeded to throw up. Lovely. I got some Motrin in her though, and she is now laying on the couch looking pathetic. Poor girl. I'll play "nurse" to her this evening and give her lots of back scratches and snuggles.
My sweet sick Leah Bee
There was a highlight from today, though! When I ran to make some copies in the workroom, there was a box filled with books labeled "Free! Take As Many As You Want!" Apparently, the school library was clearing out its shelves. So I happily picked through the pile and brought home a new stash! Yay! One thing I love better than books is free books!

Hope you are having a good Hump Day!


affectioknit said...

Yay! for free books...Hope your little one feels better soon...

Maria Rose said...

Oh my, rough day, but at least you got some freebies to take the edge off!