Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cuddly Dudley

We had a visitor spend the night at our house last week. He was small, furry, cute and polite. He never spoke a word and got to sleep snuggled up next to Leah. May I introduce......Cuddly Dudley, the penguin!

Dudley came home with Leah in a small cooler along with a book (Cuddly Dudley by Jez Alborough) and a list of activities for us to do. We were to let Dudley be a part of our nightly activities, then write about his adventures with us in a journal. We were to go on a hunt through newspapers and magazines for the letter "P", and also draw a picture of something black and something white. Leah and Hannah had a good time taking care of Dudley. They dressed him up in doll clothes, introduced him to the other stuffed animals living in our home, and even took him out to eat with us that night. He sat like a perfect gentlemen as he watched us eat our meal. Dudley ended his night by snuggling up next to Leah in her nice, soft bed.

The next morning, after our journal entry was written, Dudley was whisked off to kindergarten where he would have another adventure. We always enjoy having house guests. Even of the penguin variety.