Thursday, January 6, 2011

Combined Top Ten Movies on Repeat (and A Guest Blogger!)

Have you ever been flipping through the channels on a lazy Saturday afternoon when you come across a movie that you have seen 100 times, yet you stop and watch it again for the 101st time? Maybe it is the witty screenplay or the beautiful cinematography that draws you in each time. Or maybe it is because it is filmed in an era that intrigues you. Or perhaps it is simply because you have a good memory attached to when you first saw the film (first date, a fun night out with friends, being snowed in one winter afternoon, etc..).

Mike and I both love movies. Well, I love movies and Mike LOVES movies. He studies them, and would someday love to direct one. It's more than his hobby, it's sort of a passion of his. With this in mind, he and I were discussing our lists of the top ten movies we could watch over and over again. No matter what time of day, no matter how many times we've seen them, these are our combined top ten movies we could put on repeat and not get tired of them.

1. The Sound of Music: How could you not get tired of this film? I love the story, I love the songs, and I really love Julie Andrews. Back before the days of Netflix and DVR's, I couldn't wait for it to air on television once a year. My mom would let me stay up late to watch the entire thing.
2. You've Got Mail: Mike and I both love just about any movie filmed in New York City, but this one is special. I like the chemistry between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I think it is cleverly written, and have seen this movie so many times that I can just about quote the entire thing. I want to own the Shop Around the Corner bookstore.
3. The Shawshank Redemption: My very favorite movie ever. Who wouldn't love a story about freedom, friendship, hope, and enduring through difficult circumstances. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman are perfect for the lead roles. And it produced the line, "Get busy living, or get busy dying." Love it, love it, love it.
4. The Wedding Singer: I think Adam Sandler movies are usually just OK, and I am not a huge fan of Drew Barrymore either, but for some reason I LOVE this one. I laugh every single time I watch it. I think it is the combination of the 1980's cheesiness along with the humor that I love. Oh it's ladies night, oh what a night!
5. Dan in Real Life: I want to go live in Dan's family. Seriously, does it not look like a lot of fun to go stay in their family home in Rhode Island? I think this is both a funny and poignant film. Even though some of the lines are completely silly and overwritten, I still like it. I think it is a sweet love story. And the soundtrack by Sondre Lerche really makes this film for me too.

And now for my guest blogger of the day, please give a lovely, cyber welcome to my husband, Mike Galloway.....

1. Alien: I love the production design of Alien. Whenever I watch it, I feel like I'm watching a movie that was made way ahead of it's time. It's storytelling at its best. Genuinely scary and sophisticated. For the most part, I think the special effects could pass for today's standards. There is just something cool about seeing what the future looked like using the design aesthetics of the 60's and 70's. I also love 2001. Fast Forward through the monkey scene and start when Dr. Heywood is traveling in the Pan-Am Space Concorde to the space station. Look at the design of the food containers, the flatware, the space station chairs. I love that stuff.

2. The Aviator / Catch Me If You Can: I love movies about airplane culture from a historical aspect. I love these movies because of the time periods. The early 20's into the late 40's as well as the early 60's. The attention to detail in both of these movies is astounding. I love the design in both movies but particularly in CMIYC. Set in the 60's, the production design just comes to life. I like the fact that we used to get dressed up to fly on an airplane, and airplane food was at one time really, really good. I also love the use of the old TWA terminal at JFK. Besides, it's Scorcese and Spielberg.

3. You've Got Mail: I have to agree with Em on this one. I went to art school in NYC and lived on the upper west side, where most of the film takes place. The best time to watch this film is in late October. It makes me want to go home every time I see it.

4. No Country For Old Men: Sound and Cinematography. The Coen Brothers are great storytellers. I could watch their films over and over. Especially Fargo. Usually, I would say that their biggest strength is their characters but in No Country, I would say it's cinematography and sound. My favorite shot is the reflection of Javier Bardem on the TV in the trailer home. To this day, I still wonder if that shot was planned or just a happy accident that someone noticed while on set. The sound of the wind blowing out on the Texas prairie truly fits the photography. You are in West Texas. I also love The Wrestler for a lot of the same reasons: the sound and cinematography. The documentary camera wrangling is incredible. I grew up in Elizabeth, NJ, where most of the film was shot. I could smell it, when I watched this film. My favorite scene is when The Ram is sitting in the VFW, signing autographs. I entered an art show once in 11th grade. I won and went to accept the award at the local VFW. That scene... I can't describe it, it just felt like Jersey. Everything feels dirty in this movie. It's as if there was no set dressing, they just picked an actual trailer home and gave them a $100 and asked if they could film in it.

5. Band Of Brothers: While not technically a movie - I could watch it over and over. Purely story driven. Due to it's length, 10 hours, you really get to know these characters. In a way you understand the power of brotherhood and realize, that it's only because of that connection, that these guys could make it through such a terrible event. If you have not watched this mini-series, you need to call out of work tomorrow and go buy it.

What are your favorite movies that you could watch over and over? I'd love to hear about it! Or better yet, blog about it and let me know!


Maria Rose said...

I have a cool/hip movie list and a cheesy movie list and several other lists.
1)City of Lost Children
2)Blue Velvet
3)Vampyros Lesbos
4)Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
5) Delicatessen

1) Big
2)The Princess Bride
3) The Sound of Music
5)Starship Troopers

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you had mike come share. It's so great to see you both share your fav's, why and see the difference in it!! Em, you listed great movies, some that are on my list as well. Dan in Real Life isn't on my list thought I thoroughly enjoyed it and the soundtrack was purely AWESOME!! From Mike's list, I LOVE period pieces from the 20's to the 60's as well. Especially when done so well that you feel like you are living there or really really want to live there!! Juan would probably have Band of Brothers on his list. We actually recorded the whole thing on our DVR when we had a freebie of HBO one weekend. Then we proceeded to watch it all for the umpteenth time. Finally had to delete it cause it took up too much space!!

Emily said...

How could I forget The Princess Bride? Silly me. I could definitely watch that over and over. Maria, I will have to up my coolness factor by watching your top five!

Rach, I loved having Mike write on here. It was fun. I can tell that the good cinematic genes run in your family. :)

Anonymous said...

Good call on You've Got Mail,mind you I like any Meg Ryan movie from the late 80's/90's.
I'm a first time visitor but I'll try and stop by again:)

k_stin said...

Whoa, I haven't visited your page in awhile. I LOVE the book background! I also wanted to say that I also want to own the Shop Around the Corner bookstore.