Friday, April 17, 2015


I subbed a full day today in pre-K.
It was raining. 
Which meant no recess.
They were loud.
They were full of energy.
And that leads me to my next point...I'm tired!!!!

Apparently this boy is too. But that's what happens on a rainy Friday after school when you curl up in a chair with your favorite fuzzy blanket to watch cartoons. 

In fact, I might join him!

Friday, April 10, 2015


Two weeks ago, a soccer superstar came to watch Lucas' game, and I have never seen my son's smile quite so big! 

Who is this superstar, you ask? Well, sit back, relax, and let me tell you a little story....

Several years ago, a couple at our church went on a mission trip to Bogota, Colombia. While there, they worked at an orphanage. One young boy in particular stood out to them. They made a deep connection with him that never went away. Over the next few years, they continued to stay connected to this boy through letters and email. They watched him grow into a fine  young man and a phenomenal soccer player. Eventually, he was too old to stay in the orphanage any longer. Without any family, he would have been turned out to the streets to fend for himself. Our friends knew they had to do something. So they set to work finding a University to accept him on a soccer scholarship. After lots of searching, Jonathan (called Yopo) arrived at Oklahoma Baptist University to play on their team and go to school. On the weekends and during the summer he lives with the couple at our church (whom he called Mom and Dad even though there hasn't been an official adoption). He is thriving and happy--all 6 ft. 5 inches of him! And Lucas thinks he is the the coolest guy on earth. 

So when he came to watch Lucas play soccer, it may as well have been Messi or Beckham or Ronaldo or Pele. In Lucas' eyes, a superstar had arrived to see him play. 

Yopo, Lucas and James (Yopo's adopted brother) after the game. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Funny

Saw this yesterday and it made me laugh. My entire family loves avacados. Be it guacamole, sliced on a sandwich, or chopped and added to a salad. Even Lucas, my pickiest eater, gobbles them up. But, those suckers are so tricky to get perfectly ripe! We've been eating them for so long now, that I'm much better at getting it right. However, there is nothing worse than looking forward to eating a yummy avocado, then cutting it open to find a brown, mushy mess. 
                Avocado lovers unite!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


This year on Easter, the weather took a cool, rainy turn, but that just set the gentle atmosphere for a calm and lovely day.

We woke up, ate breakfast and headed to church. Afterwards, we came home and played board games until it was time to go to my Dad and Stepmom's house. This year, two of my stepbrothers were in town to celebrate with us. One of them flew in with his 8 year old daughter which my kids were excited about. A playmate!
My three lovies at church Easter morning

First we had a scavenger hunt for each kiddo to find his or her Easter basket hidden somewhere in the house. My dad did a great job writing creative clues and even used four different colored post-it's so each child could follow the right path. They loved it! 

Next up was an Easter egg hunt in the back yard. 145 eggs hidden, 10 minutes of wild hunting and they were all scooped up. Most of them were filled with money, so they cleaned up well! 

The last activity was the annual jello egg fight. My stepmom made over 100 jello eggs using a special mold. We decided to have kids vs. adults, so everyone grabbed their egg ammo and found a good spot in the yard. Soon jello eggs were raining from the sky and flying through the air. No one officially kept score, but the kids thought it was fun to run around and pelt everyone with jello. There is a "no face" rule which most everyone followed (Who threw the one that hit my chin? I'm coming after you next year!).

        Lucas surrendering to his dad

Finally, dinner was served. My stepmom went above and beyond-- baby back ribs, corn casserole, broccoli slaw, Mac-n-cheese, rolls and strawberry cream cake. We stayed and talked until 8:00 when our kids had to be dragged home to go to bed. 
                   The kids' table 
                 My dad and me

These last several years, holidays have had a tendency to get me down. Since my mom passed away, her absence is more noticed without her leading the egg hunt or baking a bunny cake. Without her thoughtful cards and warm hugs. But I am trying to make a conscious choice to be grateful. Grateful for a new family (as awkward as it is sometimes), grateful for my awesome kids and husband, and most importantly, grateful to Jesus. That He loves me--freely, unconditionally, completely. 

Happy Easter!