Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day Cookies

Frosting our snow day sugar cookies
The girls were out of school yesterday for their first ever snow day. Not their first day to see snow, but their first day to actually be out of school because of snow. Now they have had the taste of how wonderful it is to see your school name scroll across the TV screen among all the other school closings. The funny thing is, here in Oklahoma, we really should call them "Ice Days" instead of Snow Days. We just don't get much snow accumulation, but we do get a lot of freezing drizzle. This was the case yesterday. The roads were super slick, but by noon the temperatures had warmed up and practically melted everything.

We enjoyed our day by staying in our pj's, drinking hot cocoa, coloring pictures, reading books, watching movies, and decorating (and eating) sugar cookies! The girls helped me make the cookies (from a box I must admit), but the dough ended up being way too sticky to try to cut out any fun shapes. Which was a little disappointing because I had several snowflake cookie cutters to try out. Oh well. Plain circles/blobs is what we ended up with. And it worked just fine. A little blue, yellow and pink frosting, and a bunch of sprinkles made up for our lack of snowflake designs. We had fun and that is what matters!

What do you like to do on a snow day at home?

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RachelSoper said...

Growing up if we (the kids and my mom who taught in a different district) had a snow day for the entire day (No late start or early dismissal) then we would make homemade doughnuts. My mom still does. That will be our tradition, too when Luke goes to school.