Friday, January 14, 2011

Dance Central

Lately we have been having a dance party at our house every evening. We got the girls (and us too really) a Kinect for Christmas. We have a river rafting ride, an animal game, and Dance Central which is by far our favorite. I mean, with dance moves called "Love Warrior", "Sky Taffy", and "Booty Bump" how could you not love it?!

Our favorite thing to do is have dance battles. Each player gets to choose a song and a dancer to follow along with. I personally love "Rump Shaker" with "Miss Aubrey," a British Pop Princess who can talk a lot of smack.

My girls always pick "Pokerface" or "Pump Up the Jam" with "Dare," another British gal with pink hair, neon colored clothes, and upside-down heart shaped sunglasses. We have been practicing our moves and are getting pretty good, ya'll. Here are some photos from last night's dance extravaganza.

Me mid jump with the kids ready to join in at any time.
Leah"Dare" Galloway
Hannah ready to "Throw it Up"
Lucas watching on as I get my groove on.
Everybody Freestyle!!

So who wants to come over this weekend and have a dance battle?


affectioknit said...

That looks like so much fun!

Maria Rose said...

Oh yeah! We have dance party night, every night! Solidarity!