Monday, January 17, 2011

Sand Plums and Soapberries

Saturday afternoon we had some more spring-like weather here, so we did what we love to do most-- go outside!! Mike stayed home with Lucas since he wasn't completely up to par, while the girls and I met my dad at Martin Nature Center for a walk. Growing up, my parents took me outside on a lot of "adventures." We went bird watching, hiking, camping, and exploring. Some of my favorite memories with them are of being outside in nature together. Time sort of stands still for awhile when I am in the Great Outdoors with my family.
Leah and Hannah "running the logs".

Ready to explore
Geese flying in a bright blue sky
Frozen pond
Papa and Hannah watching for birds
Leah on our "swinging tree"
We found a bird' s nest on the trail and spent some time wondering if the mother bird was worried that she had lost it.
Tiptoeing across the stream

While walking the trails at the nature center, my dad would stop and point out different things: a Sand Plum thicket, the thick, rough bark of a Hackberry tree, or a bird's nest high up in a branch. He would bend over and show the girls a Sumac bush or reach up to pluck a few berries off a Soapberry tree. At one point Hannah told him, "You sure know a lot about a lot of things, Papa!" Then Leah chimed in, "Yeah! You know all about trees and bushes and berries and prickles!" I am so glad they get to hang out with such a smart, gentle, patient and knowledgeable Grandpa.


Jenn said...

Makes me miss my dad...he knew all that kind of stuff too

Hello There Tracy:) said...

We love to go on nature walks too at a big park by our house. We even got lost in the woods there once! This blog reminds me of Sarah Palin's Alaska show where her dad loves to teach the kiddos all kinds of nature things. Great show! Great blog! Love, Tracy:)

Maria Rose said...

What a great grandpa!