Saturday, January 29, 2011

Security Blanket

I had one. It was a soft, buttery yellow color with satin edges that I would rub between my fingers and on my cheeks. I carried it around the house and snuggled with it at bedtime. It was my security blanket. Leah has one too. Actually, she has two. Mike's Grandma Velda knit two small pink blankets for the girls when they were born, but somehow over the years Leah confiscated both of them. She pokes her fingers through the holes and rubs them together. She cannot go to sleep without "pink blankies".

And now it looks like Lucas has developed an affection for a certain blanket which we call "green blankie" (we were real creative with these blanket names as you can see). More than I was, and even more than Leah is, this boy is seriously attached to his blanket, Linus-style. He carries it everywhere with him, and has to fall asleep with it. We let him take it in the car, or over to Grandma's house, but we draw the line when it come to taking it outside or into a grocery store. After he is away from it for awhile, his face lights up when he sees it, and he buries his head into its soft, green center like he is being reunited with an old friend.
Chillin with Green Blankie
Playing with Green Blankie within arm's reach

I wonder what it will look like in a few years?

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Jacquelyn said...

I had blue blankie and pink blankie. Blue blankie was my favorite, but I gave it to my nephew. I still sleep with pink blankie every night. And now I'm so glad I kept it (even though it wasn't favored), because it's the one my grandma got me when I was born. So, now, it's my Memommie blankie.