Friday, January 7, 2011

January Park Day

We have been having some fantastic weather for January. Yesterday it was 60 degrees with bright blue skies and very little wind. So after school, we headed to the small playground down the street from our house. The kids wasted no time swinging, running, jumping, and sliding. I think outside play is so very important for kids. There is the physical benefit of playing outside, but also they get to use their creativity, interact with others, and explore the natural world! We stayed for about an hour and came home pink cheeked and refreshed.
Leah swinging
Hold on, Brother!
Upside down Hannah
My sweet Bee
Squealing in delight!
The weather forecast is showing that we are going to get some nasty looking stuff this weekend and into next week-- ice, sleet, freezing temps and possibly snow. It is supposed to move in on Sunday, but until then, we can enjoy a few more beautiful spring-like days.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Maria Rose said...

Lovely weather, lovely day!