Friday, January 28, 2011

100th Day!

Today is the girls' 100th day of school! Wow. 100 days of kindergarten are behind us now, and they have learned so much already. I really like the school the girls attend. They both have excellent teachers who put so much creativity into their daily lessons. Not only that, but the school the girls attend focuses on learning through the arts which is important to us. And they are happy at school; they make friends easily and look forward to each new day.

In honor of the 100th day, the girls classrooms are having parties this afternoon. There will be pizza and cupcakes and games. Hannah and Leah had an assignment this week to find a collection of 100 things and create a sculpture or collage out of them. After some thought, raiding Grandma's button drawer, digging through our pantry, and recruiting Mike as an artist, we ended up with some cute results!
Mike drew a coat for Hannah to glue on 100 buttons.
Hannah Couture

Leah's giant macaroni and cheese with 100 noodles.

In addition, today was also a Sock Hop. The school has been doing a reading challenge this winter and since they reached their goal, the kids got to dress up in 1950's gear and dance their little hearts out.

I can't wait to hear all about their day when they get home!


affectioknit said...

Those sock-hoppers are adorable!

Maria Rose said...

Such cuties and super cool projects!

Jacquelyn said...

Their outfits turned out SO cute! Great styling. ;)

Ten bucks says they had the most creative presentations of their "100 things".