Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Little Man's Haircut

This little guy was in need of a haircut yesterday. Actually, he has needed one for a few weeks, but yesterday I couldn't take it any longer. Mike and I thought that perhaps we'd save the $10 it costs at our nearby barber shop and just do it ourselves. I mean, we own a pair of clippers, how hard could it be to cut a little boy's hair anyway?

Lucas yesterday pre-haircut
Now I admit that in the above photo his hair does not look that bad, but I promise if you were to get a full 360 view, you would see uneven parts and crazy sideburns. We set up our bathroom as if it were a salon, carefully laying out the clippers and attachments, bringing in a chair and towel and a broom to sweep up the hair from the floor. When all was said and done, I sat in the chair with Lucas on my lap, trying to hold his arms down while Mike came at him with the buzzing clippers. After all of the setup, it took about 30 seconds to realize that this was not going to work at home. The buzzing noise scared him and he started squirming and crying like a crazy man. Mike tried to make a pass, but in fear just clipped the air. Oh well. It was a valiant effort.

Lucas standing on the counter in what he thought was a victory over the clippers. (Don't worry, Mike is just outside the photo frame keeping a close eye on him so he wouldn't fall.)

Instead of accepting defeat, we loaded up the car and took everyone down to the nearest walk-in salon. Lucas took it like a man and got his hair cut just fine. I think it is actually a little too short, but I won't complain. We will be able to go a lot longer between cuts this way. And I do admit that I love to rub his head now, just like a Buddha's belly.

New hairdo


Divina said...

He is so handsome!

Divina said...
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affectioknit said...

So cute!

Tanda said...

I didn't think he could get any cuter!!

Ashley said...

I think you guys did a good job. I can remember doing the same with Grant. I just got lucky because his curls masked my GIANT mistakes in haircutting.

Mocha Mama 24 said...

He looks really cute! All of our boys get the same cut. I wish there was a class for mom's and boy's haircuts. We figure here it saves about $40-$50 everytime I do a round of haircuts.