Thursday, January 13, 2011

Resting My Brain

I did something completely lazy and self-indulgent this morning. And afterwards my brain and body felt completely rested. You see, after the whirlwind of our morning routine getting the girls dressed, fed, ready for school, and out the door, I felt really exhausted. Just mentally wiped out at 8:30 am. Sad, but true. Then my mom called and told me that her doctor decided he wants to open up her chest again to clean out the infection. The surgery will be today at 2:00. Then I played with Lucas until he went down for his morning nap at 9:45.

After all of that, I went back to my bedroom to make up my bed. I stood there a minute looking at my comfortable, soft sheets, and then I did something I usually never do-- I crawled back under the covers, turned out the light and closed my eyes. Unless I am sick, I hardly ever get back in bed again during the day. But my brain needed to be quiet, so I decided a thirty minute rest would be alright.

And that is exactly what I did. I closed my eyes and was completely still for about half an hour. The only sound in the house was the hum of the heater which lulled me into a state of half-sleep/half-consciousness. I thought about what I needed to accomplish today. I thought and prayed about my mom's surgery this afternoon. Tundra saw this as a golden opportunity to get some snuggling in with me, so she settled in next to me too.
Thirty minutes passed, and I got up, took a hot shower, and now feel like I can face the day.

Do you ever have to just stop and rest your brain like that?


Maria Rose said...

Absolutely! Glad you had a moment to yourself.

I will pray for your mother and your family today!

luv 2 teach said...

In order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.Sometimes we forget this in the rat race of life! Hopefully your mother will be home soon and your mind will be at ease.