Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Like Sister

Brushing his teeth with Leah
This little boy of mine wants to grow up and do things just like his sisters do. He is thrilled beyond belief when they allow him to play with them as they build with blocks, color a picture, or play with their stuffed animals. He smiles and squeals loudly when they chase after him saying, "I'm gonna get you!" And when they kick a ball around with him, he just beams with delight.

He is usually the first child up in the mornings. I take him into the kitchen and feed him his favorite breakfast of waffles and yogurt, then I ask him, "You want to go wake up your sissies?" He instantly raises his hands up in the universal way of expressing, "Get me out of this high chair!" He smiles and starts waving as soon as we begin walking down the hall to their room. He likes for me to lean him down to each sister so he can give them a hug.

My hope for these three kids of mine is that they grow up to have a loving, healthy relationship with each other. That they spend time together, even as they move on and have families of their own. Nothing would thrill me more to see them together laughing, encouraging, and serving each other. As an only child I missed out on an opportunity to have a sibling to share life with, so I am excited to watch these three grow up together.

Lord, help me teach these children to love you with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength, so that they can in turn love others as much as they love themselves. Help them to work out their differences in a healthy way, and plant a seed of unconditional love for each other deep into their hearts.


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Jacquelyn said...

Don't limit yourself to three. Maybe Lucas will have a little brother.

You never know.... ;)

Maria Rose said...

My mother said that she knew she would love her kids, but that she was delighted to see them love each other. Sounds like you are having the same experience