Monday, January 24, 2011


Mike and I have learned that while driving in the car it is good to sometimes stop and listen to the backseat conversations between our children. We've discovered we can learn a lot about them when they don't realize we are listening in. For example, yesterday on the way to church we heard this conversation between Hannah and Leah.

Hannah:"Leah, do you know what is the most important part of your body?"

Leah: "Ummmmm..... Your heart?"

Hannah: "No."

Leah: "Your blood?"

Hannah: "No, your HANDS! You can use your hands to help people, to make your bed, to cook food, and draw and color."

I thought about this throughout the day and was filled with pride at my little girl's profound statement. Your hands are so very important. Like she said, a person's hands can be used to fix, heal, comfort, create, nurture, and share. On the flip side, we could use them to hurt, harm, destroy or point fingers. It is a choice every day how we can use them. What a powerful thing!
Hannah's hands
How are you using your hands today?


Maria Rose said...

How sweet that she only thought of the good ways that hands are used!

Today I am using my hands to cuddle a sweet little girl!

affectioknit said...

So true!

Jacquelyn said...

So sweet! Hannah is getting good at camera smiles. She's a natural, very photogenic.