Friday, April 15, 2011


Today was so incredibly windy. And in Oklahoma we get a lot of windy days, but today was one of the worst I can remember. Power lines, fences and smaller trees all toppled to the ground today. Leah said the lights kept flickering in her classroom, and when I was driving around running errands this afternoon I had to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. I even saw an empty shopping cart flying across the parking lot at Staples! Ca-ray-zay!

I took the video when I was up at The Heart Hospital visiting my mom late this afternoon. The kids were with me and I wanted to show my mom just how windy it really was. One of the nurses standing nearby as I was filming said this poor tree looked like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree. Poor thing. Enjoy the video! :)


Susan S said...

Hi Emily! I am your newest follower. I've enjoyed reading your blog today and getting to know you. You come highly recommended by my daughter, Maria Rose. I look forward to meeting you. Maria is super excited for your visit! It helps that you get used to wind before visiting here anyway!

Emily said...

Thank you, Susan! I look forward to meeting you soon too! You are one talented lady and you have a great daughter! :)