Friday, April 8, 2011


Tonight we attempted to do something "normal" as a family. Well, most of our family went. For the next several weekends, Mike is involved in filming an independent movie called Wolfhead. He's the assistant director and is pretty excited about being involved in the project. Since he couldn't be there, my dad came in his place. It was probably good for him to get out of the hospital and spend time with these three grandkids of his. Where did we go, you ask? Well, the girls' school had a spring carnival complete with popcorn, cotton candy and games such as a cake walk, putt putt, and a bean bag toss. The weather was warm and the winds finally calmed down, so we walked most of the way. (Please excuse the camera phone photos. One day I'll actually charge my other camera's battery.)

Lucas and Papa walking to school

There were all kinds of things to do and see at the school tonight. Including lots of artwork up on the walls! The kindergarten classes had each drawn something "The Wind Could Blow."

Hannah's art: "I did a skarf"
"A dres" Leah was quick to tell us, "It has pockets too!"
Getting a first hand look inside a fire truck
Cake Walk!! After four attempts, they finally won. Did they choose a cake? No, they opted for a bag of donuts.
Lucas stuffing his face with one of those donuts
What carnival is complete without some face painting?
Leah's butterfly
Hannah's rainbow

In addition to all of that, we went to the Book Fair in the library, I worked a shift at the bean bag toss, and they played with lots of their friends out on the playground until it was too dark to play anymore. We walked home and all three of them went straight to sleep. It was a perfectly wonderful night. I love that in the middle of life's storms, we can still manage to live life to the fullest.

Mom Update: Mom had a pretty uneventful day, which is good. No more drama necessary! She slept, we wrote notes back and forth, she did a little physical therapy, dad and I straightened up her room as she directed where to move things via her notebook. We are hoping the vent will come out over the weekend sometime, but we also don't want it to come out too early because it is too traumatizing for it to go in and out. In addition, we are praying that the incision continues to heal. It looked good this morning!


Maria Rose said...

Normalcy is great and limited news is even better. Hoping you have a calm weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day to just enjoy being together. Glad your mom is getting rest. Does she have a cd player in her room? Is she allowed to have one to listen to music and teachings?