Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fashion Show

The girls got to do something new this afternoon. After watching Project Runway with me a few times, they finally got to live out one of their dreams to stroll down a catwalk in a fashion show. Last week I found out that a local department store was hosting a free children's spring fashion show, so I signed the girls up. They were thrilled! Thursday night we went to pick out their outfits, and of course they both made a beeline to the Easter dress section. Leah picked out an ultra fancy ice blue dress with a lace overlay of cream colored flowers. Hannah went for a fun aqua spaghetti-strap dress with a shiny purse to match. Lucas came with us that night and while the girls tried on their dresses, he ran around hugging all the mannequins in the store.

Today we arrived an hour early to get dressed, do their hair, and apply a little make-up (just a hint of blush, eye-shadow and lip gloss). We got in line and waited for their turn to strut their stuff. They had been practicing their "walk" and different poses to strike at the end. I was so excited to see them have a moment to shine. Even if it was only in front of a handful of parents and grandparents crowded into the corner of a department store at the mall.
All ready to go!
Hannah practicing her smile
Thank you, Jacquelyn for the fun hot pink lip gloss!
Leah looking like a beautiful china doll
Here comes Hannah. She loved the way her dress "swished" as she walked.
Striking a pose. What a beauty.

Waiting while I snapped about a dozen photos
Leah couldn't stop smiling. She loved every minute of feeling "fancy".
Her whole face lights up when she smiles.
Love this girl's grin.

I loved watching them feel special today. And they are special. Unique. Beautiful on the inside and out. I am so blessed to be their mom.

Mom update: After the fashion show, we stopped by the hospital so the girls could show my mom their fancy dresses. We couldn't let the them go into the room (we still have to put on gowns/gloves even though the MRSA is under control). But they stood at the doorway and waved. Mom was in her recliner, vent still in, so she wrote a note and had Dad bring it over. "VERY PRETTY!" it read. My dad took the kids on a walk around the hospital so I could chat with my mom for a half hour. Mainly I rambled on and she nodded and listened and wrote a few notes. I hope I can keep her company and help the time go by a little faster. Tomorrow morning they are going to try to take the vent out again. Hopefully for the LAST time. She was mostly breathing on her own tonight, so she should be okay. Pray that she is able to breathe easily and keep her O2 levels up without any assistance from the ventilator.


Anonymous said...

They are so pretty! I bet that was so much fun for them!

Maria Rose said...

I love how unique their styles are!

Here's praying that your mother will soon be ventilator free!

affectioknit said...

Adorable girls...their styles are different...

Still praying for your Mom...hope the vent removal goes well...

Jacquelyn said...

the funnest day.