Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Fun

Today was a great Saturday. It was busy, but it was fun. I took the kids to a birthday party early this afternoon and then spent the rest of the day at our friends' house. My kids played with her kids while we sat on the patio and sipped coffee, enjoying the gorgeous 70 degree weather outside (no wind today, hallelujah!). We chatted and watched our kids run around in the yard playing and laughing (Mike was off filming again). Glorious, I tell you. It is during days like this that I look at my three little munchkins and think I AM SO THANKFUL! I get to be their mom! I mean just look at these faces!
My little guy is going through a phase of not wanting to smile for the camera. Even still, I think he's still pretty sweet. I mean...look at those cheeks! :)
My independent, creative, left-handed girl.
My Hannah.
My tenderhearted, kind, free-spirited girl.
My Leah.

MOM UPDATE: Mom is still doing well. In fact, my dad says her surgeon is considering moving her out of ICU next week! Her incision still looks good, she is still breathing fine on her own (she did have another liter drained off her left lung yesterday), and she walked twice today! Slowly, her strength is returning. Continue to pray for the incision to heal completely and for her to breathe easily.

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Maria Rose said...

You have some gorgeous kids!