Monday, April 18, 2011

Movie Quotes

The other night we were sitting at the dinner table and Mike suggested that we play a game called "Movie Quotes." He explained that we would each say a quote from a movie character and then try to guess who said it. The girls were enthusiastic and we started to play.

Mike, "To infinity and beyond!"
Hannah, "Buzz Lightyear!!"

Emily, "Just keep swimming...."
Leah, "Dory from Finding Nemo!"

Then it was Hannah's turn. She thought for a few moments, wrinkling her brow in concentration. Then her face lit up and she exclaimed, "Prick!!!!!"

Mike and I exchanged Where did she hear that? glances. We asked her to repeat it. "Prick!" None of us had any idea what she was talking about, so we gave up and asked for her to reveal the answer.

Sleeping Beauty. Because she "pricked" her finger on the spinning wheel.

Thank goodness. I was starting to wonder what that girl was watching when we weren't around!


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affectioknit said...

So funny and CUTE!

Susan S said...

Too funny! Such good parents to gently ask questions instead of giving in to panic...