Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Domino Effect

I have recently been thinking about the domino effect in relation to our health. With my mom as a specific example, we saw that falling domino effect happen personally. It started with cancer many years ago. The cancer led to leaky, weak heart valves, which led to open heart surgery, which led to pneumonia, which led to a tracheotomy, which led to a partially paralyzed esophagus, which led to a feeding tube, which led to elevated blood sugar, which led to insulin injections, and then all of which led to months confined in bed, which led to muscle atrophy, which led to physical therapy, which led to mental fatigue/ get the picture, right? The dominoes keep falling and falling and falling.

So instead of seeing each system in my body as separate, I am now seeing them more as a synchronized whole. I used to think that I should exercise to keep my heart healthy so it will continue to pump blood efficiently and that was it. But I know now that if my heart is damaged, it also effects my lungs. And if my lungs aren't functioning properly, then another system will be out of whack. It's a domino effect! This thought has been such a good reminder for me to live a healthy, active life. To take care of this body God gave me-- cause it's the only one I get.

For now the main areas I am working on are to exercise at least three times a week, drink more water, and get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. I am also wanting to add healthier meals to our weekly menu. These are goals-- some weeks I meet the goal, and other weeks I don't. This last week was one of the "don'ts." Being at the hospital a lot of my spare time has resulted in many nights of eating out, no exercise, and inconsistent sleep. And I am feeling it tonight. I feel sluggish, tired and drained. But tomorrow starts a new week. And I plan on getting back on track.

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Jemma Stemmons said...

We are getting back on track, too. We are cutting way back on "treat" (junk food) for the girls and choosing healthier things to eat at home and when on the go. The whole family is now running...Ashby not so much, but I am making it a point to get us outdoors and move more now that's it's nice. You're right, we only get this one body so it's worth the sacrifice to feel and be better!