Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No! Mine!

Lucas enjoying his breakfast

Take a look at my precious 21 month old son's face. So sweet. So wonderful. I bet you think he behaves like a perfect angel all of the time, right? As much as I'd like to say yes, the answer is a resounding no. As my boy nears his second birthday, he is starting to display some defiant behavior that is once again reminding me that being a parent is tough. It is wonderful and rewarding beyond measure, but it is a challenge sometimes!

You might recall a few months ago, I mentioned that Lucas was taking his time in developing his vocabulary. He only spoke a handful of words and relied mostly on grunting and pointing. But over these last few months, I am happy to say his vocabulary has exploded! He is saying so many new words, and I love hearing his little voice and personality shine through. But two words have made it into that new vocabulary, and they are being said both often and with much enthusiasm. What are those words, you ask? They are none other than NO! and MINE!

Lucas loves to use both of those words all throughout the day. He has also discovered that if he purses his lips and makes a mean scowl, it makes saying them more fun. Last night he was even calling out Nooooo! and Mine! in his sleep. If anyone is not sure whether we, as humans, are born with a selfish sin nature, you need not look further than a nearly two year old to see that those characteristics come ingrained into our souls.

Thankfully, though, it is my job as a parent to try to teach my son (and my daughters) how to deal with those selfish, human emotions. And most importantly help him learn that these emotions only point out our great need for a Savior. We simply can't make it without Him. I hope he learns to let God invade his heart, and that his life will be known for his good fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.
Because you know what is worse than a two year old saying No and Mine? A grown up who still says NO! and MINE!

So as wonderful as Lucas is (and I do think he is simply the most amazing little boy in the world, but I am biased), I know that he is not perfect. He needs discipline. He needs teaching. He needs for Mike and me to set a good example for him. He needs parents who pray for him and love him unconditionally. And I think with those things, the kid just might turn out okay. :)


Maria Rose said...

Ahhh yes! We are in the same boat over here. Cordelia has discovered NO and she also like to say ALL DONE when is doesn't want to do something.

Example: Yesterday at the doctor's office she repeatedly screamed "ALL DONE" and then followed up with "NO"

Heather said...

We're hearing a lot of "No" too! It was one of Lily's first words. She even says no when she means yes. :) It cracked me up that he says it in his sleep.