Monday, April 11, 2011

Mom Art

I am showing up in a lot of the girls' artwork lately. And frankly, I am quite honored to be the subject of their drawings. I hope it means that they think about me when they are at school and can't wait to see me and give me a hug. Or maybe they are just buttering me up for something? Either way, I love to find drawings like the ones below.

I found this one a few days ago when I was going through Hannah's backpack.
Hannah drew this picture one Saturday morning and then presented it to me. She was very proud of it. She said it is a picture of herself and me walking in a field together on a nice, sunny day. She was pleased that she remembered to color my eyes blue and her own eyes brown.
Leah created this one tonight and it made me giggle. She has written my age next to my face so we will always remember that this is what I looked like at 34. :)

I find myself wanting to keep every single picture they give me, so I am trying really hard to pick only a handful each year to put away in a folder. These three have definitely made the cut. And in the midst of a difficult season for me, these little drawings are like rays of sunshine.

MOM UPDATE: I saw my mom this evening, and she was a bit discouraged. Apparently she had another rough morning earlier today. She felt nauseated and threw up quite a bit. She threw up so hard it even came out of her mouth despite the vent that is still in. She probably aspirated a little bit, but thankfully her O2 levels still look good. Because of this trauma her doctor didn't want to take the vent out just yet. Tonight it will be on full assist to help her get some rest and we will try again tomorrow. Tonight Mom looked very tired, and the morphine she received just made her even more sleepy. I just sat next to her and rubbed her feet and talked to her. I seem to tear up just about every time I go up there lately. I want to see big changes. I want to see her really turn a corner, but instead it just seems like we are going no where. I am trying so, so hard to be optimistic, but my soul was just heavy as I walked out to the parking lot tonight. I had a decent cry about it on the way home from the hospital. I prayed and wrestled with God for a while, and I feel better. Tomorrow is always a new day, bright with possibility and hope.


Maria Rose said...

I am so happy that you have love coming from your beautiful girls.

I continue to pray for your mother. I hope today she turns the corner.

Jacquelyn said...

I love that God wants us to wrestle things over with him.

I used to rub my grandmas feet. I think she really liked that.