Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Double Dental Day

Leah: numb and waiting for the dentist to fill her cavity.
She kept asking, "Do I look funny, Mom?"

You all like my alliteration in the title of this post? Nice! Well as the title suggests, both Hannah and Leah had dental appointments this morning. Hannah had a tooth pulled and Leah had a cavity filled. It was the first time either of them has had any dental work done other than the regular six month cleaning. We talked to them beforehand so they would know what to expect. We explained that they would both breathe in some "laughing gas" which would make them feel relaxed, and that they would use a gel to numb their gums before giving them a shot. My dad came with me to help me out. He ended up sitting with Hannah and I sat with Leah. And guess what? Both girls did great! No crying, clinging or whining! Both were both brave and compliant. Hannah got to keep her tooth which had a super long root still attached. She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy tonight asking if she could perhaps keep her tooth so she could take it to show-and-tell tomorrow at school. I think the Tooth Fairy will be okay with that request. :)

MOM UPDATE: Mom had a rough day yesterday, and a little better day today. She does not have the vent in (yay!), but she is still having difficulty breathing. Her chest is tight and she is feeling anxious. They moved her oxygen flow up to six units and she can maintain her O2 levels. Obviously, our goal is to wean her down on the oxygen, but as long as she is not on the vent, I will be happy. Tomorrow her doctor may drain some more fluid off her lungs which should help. Top two priorities: to breathe easily and for her wound to heal completely. Thanks for continuing to pray with us!

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