Sunday, April 17, 2011


Dad and Mom on the Riverwalk

I found this photo from a family vacation to San Antonio three years ago. This is the Mom I remember. Vibrant. Smiling. Healthy. I know that the road ahead is long, but I look forward to sitting across from her at our favorite spot for lunch, chatting about anything and everything.
We will get there!


Joe and Talsie said...

Your mom looks beautiful and happy. As I was passing the hospital (it is on my way home from church) I thought of her. I update Joe every time you post anything about her. I have never met your mother and don't even know her name but I pray for her health to improve continually. Your family is on my mind and heart often!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely couple. Yes, you will get there! Still praying for you, dear friend.

Maria Rose said...

Oh yes and I hope it's sooner than you think!