Sunday, April 3, 2011

90 Degree Sunday

It was 90 degrees today. It's April 3rd, and it was 90 degrees outside! This crazy heat wave brought with it high winds and some serious humidity making it not the best of outdoor days, it did allow for the following two things (which are oh so important to two six year olds I know): 1. OUTSIDE PLAY and 2. SUNDRESSES. My girls would wear sundresses every single day of the year if they could.
Papa playing "shark tag" with the girls
A game of catch

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as well!

Mom Update: Saw my mom this afternoon. It is SO great to hear her voice and get to talk to her! Tomorrow her surgeon is considering trying to close her wound again. He stitched it up after her surgery back in November. The top layer of skin healed nicely, but 80 days later, the incision became infected and opened back up. Apparently, the layers of tissue underneath had not healed properly. So my mom spent 9.5 weeks wearing a wound vacuum hoping to heal the wound from the bottom layer up, instead of top layer down. It helped, but it wasn't healing as quickly as it should. Because of this, she contracted a staph infection which you all know a week ago today nearly killed her. Now her doctor is thinking that the wound has healed enough to try to stitch it up again and hope all the layers come together and heal properly. He will assess my mom at 6:30 tomorrow (Monday) morning and make a final decision about surgery at that time. I will let you know what happens!

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Maria Rose said...

90 degrees?! We had a few inches of snow (it's mostly gone now, but still).

Can't wait to hear what the doctor thinks!