Friday, April 1, 2011

Medieval Fair

After a hectic week of long hours at the hospital, we decided to do something fun as a family this afternoon. So with the gorgeous weather, we headed to the Medieval Fair in Norman, OK. It truly was a beautiful afternoon, and the kids had fun spotting princesses and knights all while munching on some sweet kettle corn.
Hannah learning the rules of a game
Watching a sword fight
Leah riding a very "medieval" ride.

It really was a nice afternoon spent with just the five of us. On the way home, Mike and I were laughing about the interesting people a fair like this tends to lure out. It really is quite a place for people watching! And we decided that if the real Medieval Times looked like the Medieval Fair of today, they would have:

1. Budweiser
2. Port-a-Potties
3. "Fresh Squeezed Lemonade" from a can
4. $5 parking areas
5. Clothes for sale with tags that read "Made in China"
6. Horrible Sword Fighting reenactments between knights and ninjas.
7. Very busty women walking around selling CD's
8. Castle shaped bounce houses
9. Camel Rides
10. Indian taco stands

Oh was still a fun afternoon, even if it wasn't a completely true representation of the era!

Mom Update: Today was a great day. The doctor drained 2.5 liters of fluid from my mom's lungs which relieved the pressure in her chest. With that pressure gone, she could breathe on her own, so they removed the ventilator! Yay! Tomorrow when I visit she will be able to talk and be less tied down to her bed. Those things alone will make a difference in her healing time. In addition, the nurse practitioner who changed mom's wound dressing today said it looked the best it has since her surgery. In fact, she said it looks like new tissue is trying to grow! Getting that wound to heal is priority one. Even though Mom was a little irritable and down much of the morning, her spirits lifted this afternoon and my dad reported that she was doing well this evening. I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow!


Maria Rose said...

Oh medieval! We have a group here that does reenactments in the's kind of awesome, but not in they way they think it is.

Glad to hear that your mother is continuing to improve. I think moodiness is sometimes a good sign too!

affectioknit said...

Awesome news about your Mom! ...and the fair looks like a lot of fun!

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