Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coffee and Fried Chicken

Today started and ended with a meal shared with special people. This morning I got to go have breakfast with my sweet friend/ former college roomie Jennifer. She and her husband and three cute little boys live in Milwaukee, and it has been six years since we last saw each other! I was so excited to get to spend time with her this morning. We headed over to Panera Bread and chatted for nearly three hours while sipping coffee (actually I had a chai tea latte to be specific). We picked up right where we left off six years ago, and it reminded me just how much I miss all my friends that live out of state. The four of us girls who shared an apartment together are all living all over the country now, and I am thinking it is time to start planning a reunion! (LeAnn? Heather? You all in?)

Later in the day, we met up with my cousin Steve and his wife Sadie and their little boy Edward. Eddie was born just four months before Lucas, and it was fun to go through that pregnancy with Sadie. My cousin chose well when he married! Sadie has such a kind heart and is a wonderful mom to her little guy. Steve is a pilot in the Air Force and they are stationed at Vance Air Force Base just a little over an hour away. We had been wanting to meet in the middle at Eischen's, the oldest bar in the state of Oklahoma, and tonight we finally got to do it!

Eischen's specializes in one thing: fried chicken. You order it by the whole bird, and it is served with a loaf of white bread, pickles, onions and a stack of wax paper. I don't eat fried chicken that often, so it is a once or twice a year treat for us.
Eddie and Lucas post-meal. Lucas was in meltdown mode.
He calmed right down when his sisters got into the photo.
By the way, isn't Eddie adorable?
I told the girls to strike their best model pose.
The sky on the drive home was pretty spectacular. Skies like this reminds me that God is one amazing artist. :)

We got home in time to put Lucas out of his misery (poor little guy was so tired). While Mike was tucking him in, I ran up to the hospital to tuck my mom in. I was so glad to see her and chat with her for awhile. Then I ran back home in time to dye Easter eggs with the girls. My dad joined us for the egg dyeing and ended up staying to watch game three of the NBA playoffs between the OKC Thunder and the Denver Nuggets. Thunder won! Wa-hoo! I like watching games with my dad; he is pretty animated!

Looking forward to Easter Sunday tomorrow!


Heather said...

How fun! I'm in for a reunion...I was thinking Kansas City, or hey, why not Paris?

Susan S said...

Happy Easter! I love the pictures of the kids, especially the girls in model poses. Too cute!