Thursday, April 7, 2011

Short Update

Today was a very long day. Once again we were on an emotional roller coaster, but God was faithful to see us through.

*Mom had a coughing fit this morning that caused her to throw up. In the process she aspirated some stomach acid which affected her fragile lungs.

*A few hours later, after her oxygen levels were not where they should be, the doctor decided to intubate her again.

*After she was intubated, her O2 levels still did not rise, which was quite concerning to the doctor.

*Thankfully, about 10 minutes later, her levels rose and she was in the normal range.

*She slept the rest of the day due to the sedation medication she received for the intubation process. Hopefully she will only be on the vent again for a day or two. Just enough time for her lungs to recover from the fluid she accidentally aspirated.

*Please pray that her lungs recover and that the vent doesn't stay in for very long. When she is "attached" to the vent, she can't really get up and move and we don't want her to become weaker than she already is.

*Things I'm grateful for today:
1. That mom is still here
2. That I got to spend some good time with my husband and kids at a park late this afternoon
3. That I had a great group of friends come to my house tonight to hug me and pray with us.
4. Playing Words With Friends with my dad all day. It's just a small thing that can help take our mind off the big things going on around us. He always beats me for the record. :)

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Heather said...

I wish I could be there to hug you and pray with you. Praying for more strength and a little emotional rest for you right now.