Thursday, February 16, 2012

Writer's Block

Last night I sat down to write my daily blog post and mentally hit a brick wall.  Nothing was coming to me.  Nothing.  Throughout my days, I typically look for something to blog about.  Whether that is something big or something little, something my kids said, something I made, or even a memory from the past that pops into my mind.  Last night, however, as hard as I thought about my day I couldn't begin to write.  Like a car with a dead battery, my brain just wouldn't start.  And I couldn't motivate myself to even try to make it work, so I gave up and went to bed.

So then today, I thought about why I blog.  I came up with several ideas right away-- I like to write.  Writing my blog each evening gives me the daily discipline in writing.  I like to journal my family's history.  Keeping up with my blog is a way to keep up with family and friends across the country.  Writing my blog has allowed me new friendships that I cherish and love.  I guess lately I've been feeling like my voice in this world of blogging is so small and insignificant that when I sat down last night to write and nothing came, I just thought who I don't write for a day.  No one will miss me (please don't think I'm begging for people to tell me how great I am, I promise I'm not).

The funny thing was, I missed you all! I missed being a part of this wonderful world where we can share our joys and sorrows together through writing.  I missed being part of the inspiration I find daily through your comments and your own blogs!  I think writing is incredibly powerful and I missed being connected to that.

Now you know where I was yesterday.  I was in the middle of a good case of writer's block mixed together with a little self-pity.  Not a good place to be.  Today I felt refreshed and ready to put my fingers on the keyboard and keep writing.


Maria Rose said...

I was wondering where you went, but I didn't want to be a creeper so I thought I'd let it go for another day before checking in:)

Rachel said...

I admire your self discipline to sit down every day and take the time to write. I've gotten as far as checking your blog everyday...but not so much mine! =) ha ha.

Ashley said...

I'm like Rach. I check your blog everyday, I just don't write one of my own. Waugh waugh.