Saturday, February 25, 2012


Lucas is really into making everything into a sword. He has his light saber as an obvious choice, but other things become swords as well. Things like pretzel rods (one of his favorite snacks), carrot sticks, hair brushes, my Swiffer duster, and even the remote control. Anything is fair game. The most unusual "sword" he has found is the green nasal aspirator we brought home from the hospital when he was born. He loves that thing for some reason. He grabs it, waves it around, yells "high-ya!!!", and challenges me to a dual. Tonight he said he wants to sleep with his "green sword". I hope he is always my funny boy.

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Ashley said...

Yea, Lucas!! Grant would be thrilled. Grant still makes everything into a some sort of weapon. His latest, a microphone stand. Gotta loves those boys!