Friday, February 10, 2012

At School

This afternoon I headed up to the girls' classroom for their Valentine's Day party.  Yes, we do know it is not actually Valentine's Day, but their school always does their parties on Fridays, so this was it.  I always love the chance to be involved at their school and observe the girls in their element.  I was in charge of a Cupid Bingo game. The kids rotated through my station in groups of seven earning a ring pop for a prize.  I like to watch Hannah and Leah interact with their classmates and teacher. Thankfully they are always polite and respectful.  It is also nice to meet other parents and get to know the girls' friends a little better. I always loved it when my mom was able to attend a school party when I was little.
Hannah at the Valentine Heart Stacking table.
Leah with a sticker on her face.  She was so excited that I came to the party.

I also like to be involved at school because I get to see some of the girls' work on display.  Sometimes these can be funny or eye-opening.  Here is an example of both.  Apparently the kids were asked to do a self-portrait and write down some new year's resolutions.  Our girls' work could not be more different.

Hannah wrote, "I will exercise and eat healthy things and help somebody."  
Sounds good to me!
Leah wrote, "I will sell Christmas cookies.  And I will do everything she said."
I told her I needed some clarification.  She said she just wanted to sell some Christmas cookies because it sounded like fun (Still not sure where she got this idea. Maybe she was thinking of Girl Scout Cookies?) And the "she" in the second sentence is referring to her teacher, Mrs. Harris. 

I think this shows my two girls for who they are.  Hannah-- my careful, perfectionist tenderhearted girl.  And Leah--my funny, sweetheart of a free-spirit.