Saturday, February 18, 2012

Date Night

Mike and I got to have a date night tonight!  All day long I had been looking forward to it. Those precious hours where we get to chat without being interrupted and eat at a restaurant that we choose (not based on how kid-friendly it is).  We chose to go to one of our favorite places called Old Germany.  They serve (no surprise here) hearty German food served out of an old German-style home in a small town near Oklahoma City.  It was one of my mom's favorite places too.  From where we live it takes about thirty minutes to get there, and the drive is mostly along rolling, tree-lined country roads.

We drove there as twilight was settling in.  The day had been cloudy and gray, so the sky was muted with a purple haze. Looking out the car windows, we could see the occasional warm lights of a house up on a hill or back off the road a little ways tucked into the trees.  It was really peaceful.  Our conversation flowed freely as we talked about everything from Mike's new job to parenting to where we'd like to travel to funny memories from our early married years.  I love that we never seem to run out of things to talk about after all these years together.

When we arrived at the restaurant we discovered that there was a one hour wait for a table.  Bummed a bit, we decided it was still worth the wait.  And as luck would have it, we ended up only having to wait about 25 minutes instead.  The atmosphere in Old Germany is very homey with lots of dark wood, heavy curtains, and of course--beer steins.  We ordered our food and enjoyed every delicious bite of it.  The potato dumplings were especially good!  There was an accordion player up on a balcony serenading us with upbeat tunes and the atmosphere was lively.  It was nice not to feel rushed.  We were able to take our time and truly enjoy the whole experience.

When we were done with our main courses, we couldn't wait to finish off the meal with a piece of their famous apple strudel.  Sadly, our waitress announced that they had sold out for the evening.  We had a few seconds to mourn, but didn't let it ruin our night.  Next time, I suppose.  Driving home under cover of the dark night sky we were able to continue our conversation.  We held hands.  We laughed.  It was pretty near perfect.
Me enjoying my night out with my honey.
This was snapped before I learned about the strudel.  :)


Maria Rose said...

Glad you got some time together!

Rachel said...

an uninterupted sentence or two is priceless!! next time you can start with dessert!! =)