Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Little Details

Wednesday nights have their own rhythm and routine each week. The girls go to AWANAS at my mom's church at 6:15. I drop then off and my dad picks them up at 7:45 and brings them home. He always brings Chieftains cd so the girls can listen to "Irish music"on the way home. He always goes to the store and buys a loaf of Tuscan bread from the bakery. He and the girls always have a little snack of toast and butter together. He always plays with Lucas for awhile as the girls take their evening bath. Lucas always demands that his favorite green blanket be made into a cape. When the girls are all clean and in their pajamas, my dad always reads to them. They always hug him and tell him goodnight. Every single Wednesday we go through this routine. I am so grateful my kids have a Grandpa who cares about the little details that make his time with them so special.


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Maria Rose said...

Kids love a good routine!

Susan said...

Yes, Grandpa's are the best!