Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CSI: Barbie

The Barbies have been on pretty good behavior lately.  I haven't had anything to report on in quite awhile.  But all of that changed yesterday evening when at 11:00 at night I walked into my bathroom to get ready for bed.  I came around the corner and spied this unusual scene.
Take a closer look.  Beware, there is mild nudity involved.
After some crime scene investigating it was determined that Ken has been skinny dipping in the tub only to slip on the edge and fall to his death.  His harmless evening in the nude ended in tragedy.  

Case closed.


Rachel said...

an evening in the nude is never harmless! =) better scrub that tub that Ken's butty was rubbing all over!

Maria Rose said...

Oh my, poor Ken---to live and die without dignity.

Kristin said...

Ha--The beware made me laugh. This was a good one!