Friday, February 3, 2012


So, today I turned thirty-five.  I had been dreading today, but not because of my age (I hear thirty-five is the new twenty!).  No, I was dreading today because it was my first birthday without my mom.  I didn't get a phone call to wake me up saying, "Happy Birthday, Em!"  She didn't make me my favorite blueberry-walnut cake with lemon filling.  Without her-- the person who actually brought me into this world-- I just didn't think today could be a good day.

But it was.

It was good because of all the loving friends and family who blessed me with sweet phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, and texts. It was good because Mike served me breakfast in bed, got the kids ready for school, and let me sleep in this morning.  It was good because my kids jumped in my bed saying, "Happy Birthday, Mom!!!"  It was good because I got some wonderful birthday cards in the mail. It was good because my friend made me a blueberry-walnut cake with lemon filling and brought it over last night.  It was good because my cardio & strength training class at the gym sang "Happy Birthday" to me this morning.  It was good because my college roommate was in town from Milwaukee, so she stopped by with her new baby boy and her lovely sister to visit with me for awhile.  It was good because of the thoughtful gifts that several friends have generously given me today.  And it was good because I know many were praying for me today.  I felt those prayers, and my heart was both content and comforted.

It was also a fun day because of all the yummy food I got to eat!  Oh my!
My friend Jacquelyn took Lucas and I out for lunch at Big Truck Tacos.  
Mmmmm....Fried Avocado Tacos.  So, so good.
Then she took us to Cuppies & Joe for some delicious cupcakes.
I had a chocolate/peanut butter combo while Lukey went with a classic-- vanilla with chocolate frosting.
And I have to say, my company today wasn't too bad either!  Jacquelyn is like my sister.  I love that girl. And she is gorgeous too!
 Later, my dad took my whole family out to Cattlemen's for a fancy steak dinner.
Here's Hannah trying on a hat at Langston's across the street. We had about an hour wait, so we had time to kill.  Isn't she a sweet cowgirl?
 My precious Leah posing away.
She and Hannah and Lucas are the best birthday gifts I could ever hope for!
After dinner, my dad and his friend surprised me with this enormous (and incredibly delicious) cake from the famous La Baguette bakery.  I am quite certain I gained a few pounds today-- even with my morning workout!



Maria Rose said...

Sounds like an amazing birthday! How fortunate you are to have such a great support system!

Rachel said...

So glad there are so many surrounding you with love! Wish we could have been there to celebrate! And good thing you had a work out in the morning so you could just go and enjoy all the yummy food! =)

Victoria said...

What a wonderful celebration! Happy, happy!!!

Jacquelyn said...


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Emily said...

Thank you all!! I had a good day!