Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School Pictures

School picture day is tomorrow.  It is supposed to rain.  Isn't that always the case?  Oh well.  I remember school picture days in elementary school.  I would practice my smile in the mirror that morning.  Not too cheesy, but not too serious.  Should I show my teeth or keep my lips together?  Hair in front of my shoulders or behind them?  Will my mom let me wear lip gloss?  These were the pressing questions on my mind.

Then came junior high and the questions continued.  Will my bangs be tall enough?  Should I curl them under or backwards and tease them up even more?  Will I have food stuck in my braces?  I hope I don't have any pimples that look too obvious!  Oh the drama!

Growing up my mom had a school bus shaped picture frame that hung on the wall with twelve cut-outs just the right size for a school photo.  As each year passed, a new picture would take its place in the bus.  Eventually, all twelve were full and it was kind of neat to see my progression from a little kindergartener to a senior in high school.  My girls are just in first grade.  I can't imagine what their school pictures will look like throughout the years!  I just hope the years don't go by too fast. 

Tonight as I was combing their hair after their bath, I had them each practice their smile for tomorrow.  Both Hannah and Leah flashed a perfectly sweet smile showing off their baby teeth for what might be the last time (surely by 2nd grade the front two will be gone?).  Their smiles still melt my heart and make me so proud to be their mom.
This isn't a school photo, but I thought I'd throw it in here just for fun.  It's their soccer pic from last fall.  They both look so little even just one year ago!


Maria Rose said...

Can't wait too see this year's photo!

Rachel said...

They look like such precious little girls!! How much they grow in just one year!!