Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hannah and Leah working hard on their class portrait project

Late this afternoon my girls were bored.  Tired of all their usual toys and games, they started to drift very close to the seriously whiney zone.  But then, they came up with a collaborative idea.  They decided to draw pictures of each student in their first grade class (they are in the same class this year!) and then tape them all together to surprise everyone tomorrow!  They grabbed a stack of paper and got right to work.  They were careful to get everyone's hair color and eye color correct, as well as any other distinguishing features like glasses or a missing front tooth, and labeled each one with the student's name. It took them quite awhile to create a portrait of each classmate plus their teacher, Mrs. Harris, but they got it done.  It kept them busy and occupied (Lucas was napping which helped), and the best thing is that they created this piece together.  No fighting or arguing.  Now that's my kind of project!

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