Monday, September 12, 2011

My Rough And Tumble Boy

Yesterday Lucas got his first shiner.  He was chasing after a ball in the driveway, but when he leaned down to pick it up, he leaned too far forward causing the ball to roll under his tummy and his face to plant firmly on the concrete.  He cried for a bit, but now he acts like it isn't even there.  What a trooper he is!

Back in the spring of 2009, after having two girls, I was shocked to find out we were expecting a boy! A boy!  I couldn't believe it!  Straight away my mind began to race.

But we don't have any trains or legos or cars or light sabers! 

But we are overflowing in a sea of pink clothes and blanket and bows!

But aren't boys just hyper and crazy all of the time?

But won't he pee on me everytime I change his diaper?


I really was excited to know a boy was on the way, but I was nervous too.  We were headed into the unknown. 

Then, a few months (and a few too many pounds) later, I looked into my newborn baby boy's eyes, and I fell head over heels in love.  All my fears about boys just vanished into thin air.  He was perfectly created by God just for us, and my heart was so full and happy it could burst wide open.

So as we've been getting to know this little boy of ours during the two years he's been in our family, we have discovered that raising boys is just as amazing as raising girls (and for the record, I think our girls are simply awesome!).  Yes, he likes to wrestle, kick a ball for hours, karate chop things, and make car noises all the time, but he also loves to snuggle in my lap and read a book.  Or help me make cookies.  Or take a walk with me. Or pat my face and say, "Love you, Mama." He has a rough and tumble side, but he also has a soft and gentle side too.  And I think that is a perfect combination if you ask me. 


Rachel said...

What a shiner!! Poor guy!! Glad having a boy is just as wonderful! Maybe we'll get our chance one day! =)

Maria Rose said...

Oh that poor sweet little mug!

A note on boys: I had two brothers and considered them to be mine (my mother was kind enough to share). I find that boys are so so sweet and totally crazy. Kind of like an amusement park ride, fun fun fun and then a little bit terrifying. Though girls can be the same!

affectioknit said...

Sweet! Bless his heart! Hope he heals quickly!