Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peter Pan

Tonight my dad took Hannah and Leah and I out for a treat.  We went to see the National Traveling Tour of Peter Pan!  They were both so excited; Leah wanted to wear her fanciest dress for the occasion.  We arrived and got settled, and then the lights dimmed, the orchestra began playing and the girls' faces were completely transfixed on the stage.  When Cathy Rigby flew out over the audience sprinkling sparkly fairy dust along the way, Leah's jaw nearly hit the floor.  "How can he do that?"  She asked.  Then a few minutes later she asked, "Is that a girl dressed up like Peter Pan?'  And then a series of, "Why is a girl dressed like a boy?" questions followed.  But eventually, she was ok with it and enjoyed the whole experience.  They both did.  I was amazed at Cathy Rigby's agility after 19 seasons with this show.  She is pretty amazing for being a few years shy of age 60!  Wow!
Me and my girls on the steps of the Oklahoma City Civic Center
Hannah and Leah posing as pirates after the show.  A random older gentlemen offered to jump into the photo as Captian Hook.  I thought that was kind of funny!

It was fun visiting Neverland, but I'm glad I got to come home to sleep in my own bed tonight. :)

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Rachel said...

I was wondering who that guy was in the pirate picture with the girls. Glad you explained it. Odd, yes, but also nice I suppose. =)