Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Came To Visit

Fall came to visit us today!  Our temperatures dropped significantly.  In fact, you could even say it was downright chilly!  No shorts or tank tops today.  And in addition-- it rained!!  Our parched ground sure needed it too.  Although, it wasn't a downpour, it was something, and we were all grateful.  I spent the day at home, never leaving the house at all.  I tackled four loads of laundry and spent a lot of time playing with Lucas.  I had the windows open letting in the cool, rain-soaked air, and I had a pumpkin spice candle burning.  My friend even stopped by with a delicious Starbucks Cafe Mocha for me.  Fall decided to swoop in and save the day for sure.
My coffee and candle
My cute little playmate for the day.  His favorite toy at the moment is his "neigh."  He rides it around all over the house.  After I take his picture, he says, "I see Lukey!"  He loves to ham it up for the camera and then giggle at his photo.

I hope you had a wonderful Fall-like day wherever you are!

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Maria Rose said...

Yes, fall is starting to creep in here. Love it!