Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hailey's Studio

Hailey busy "working" at Mike's drafting table.  He set up a space just for her, so she could draw, paint, create, etc.  She loved working in Mike's office with him, listening to bands like Matt and Kim or Gungor.  And Mike said he enjoyed getting to hang out with such a cool niece like her! 

I grew up visiting my different aunts and uncles across the state/country, and I always loved being there because of the special attention I received.  It was always so much fun!  I hope that is how Hailey felt while she was with us these last five days.  We did fun things like go swimming, go for walks at a nature center, visit museums, watch movies, visit the comic book store, and go out to eat.  But more than anything I hope Hailey felt just how loved she is.  She is a wonderful, compassionate, and creative young lady.  And our lives are better for having her in it! :)


Susan S said...

Ah, that is really a sweet post!

Rachel said...

sounds like a great time together!! i think she was probably in heaven sharing Mike's creative space!!!