Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day On The Farm

Before I begin my blog about our lovely Labor Day at the farm, I should mention that 15 years ago on Labor Day 1996, I officially met my husband, Mike!  Later in the month (September 22nd to be exact) we went on our first date, and a little less than three years later we were married!  I cannot believe I've know Mike for nearly half of my life!

Now on to today....Today the great people of the state of Oklahoma rejoiced in one accord because the high temperature today was only 79 degrees!  After the hottest summer in state history, with temps soaring over 100 degrees for 60 + days, we finally got a reprieve!  It was gorgeous today.  Simply gorgeous.  And to celebrate, we decided to head outdoors-- to my family's ranch to be exact.  My dad's two younger brothers still run a large ranching operation in the southwest part of the state, and they promised us a day of hay bale jumping, four-wheel riding, cow feeding, and cookout eating. 
Just a snippet of the property my dad's family owns.  We rode four-wheelers all over the open prairie.  One time, when I was about ten, I was riding a four-wheeler with two of my cousins when we drove straight through a large, wet pile of manure.  Of course it completely sprayed us!  So gross!  Thankfully, that did not happen today.  We had nothing but open sky and open land.
"Lucas, can I take your picture?" 
"No!"  And off he ran....
Hannah riding Zipper, the horse.  She was very proud of herself.

Lucas riding in the back of my uncle's pickup while snuggling with PaPa and giving
Mike the stare down.
Watching my uncle Darryl feed some of his cattle.

They wasted no time when it came to eating the hay.

Sometimes it turned into a feeding frenzy!
The kids had a blast!

My dad, me and my uncle Dewayne

What did you do today?  I hope you spent it enjoying time with your family and friends!

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Rachel said...

Hannah was not only riding Zipper but it looked like she was riding bareback!! And Lucas has one serious stare down!!!