Friday, June 10, 2011

Things We Did Today

Today we had a busy day. But it was a good kind of busy. A day full of quality time with people I love. It started with a trip to the gym for a workout. Afterwards, we hit up a garage sale/bake sale. The girls had some of their chore money to spend, and they each got a steal-- three stuffed animals for 75 cents! I picked up a pair of swim trunks for Lucas for a whopping 15 cents, and then we headed to the bake sale area where I spend another $3 in cookies! The girls were on a high from their bargain, so we took our happy mood to the nearby playground for a little play time.

Later in the day, after lunch and some rest time, we decided it was the perfect day for a tea party.
We had strawberry cake, goldfish, and apple juice at our tea party. We practiced our polite most princess-like manners as well.
We followed up with two games of Uno. Hannah won one. Leah won one. Mom won none.

After our Uno games, Lucas woke up from his nap and instantly started asking for a snack. Once he was happily munching, the girls wanted to play "beauty shop" with my hair. I obliged their request and the following photo shows the result.
Isn't it lovely? I'm thinking of making this my daily go-to look.

During my "hair appointment", Mike had to leave for his last weekend of filming, so we ended up meeting some friends for pizza followed by a little Bananagrams at their house afterwards. The kids are now all asleep and I am left with a bit of a mess to deal with around the house. But I'll gladly accept the mess because it is just the evidence of a day well spent. A day of play, of family, and memories made.

What did you do today?

*Excuse the horrible camera phone photos again. My Canon has been recovered and is safely in my family's care until I see them again!


Susan S said...

Oh, I'm dashing off to the mirror this minute to try to replicate your hairdo!

Maria Rose said...

Oh I do love the hair. Sounds like a fun day!

Rachel said...

I hope you wore your fashionable new hair do out to pizza and bananagrams! You would be the star of the party!!