Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mama Bird

Most days, after I am done at "exercise church" (as the girls call it), we head outside to play at the playground for a few minutes. It helps the kids run out a bit more energy before we head home to eat lunch and have nap/rest time. Today we saw a lovely, yellow-breasted kingbird flitting about over a crepe myrtle. She seemed to hover in mid-air as she chirped and chattered up a storm. The kids and I thought she might have a nest in the tree, so we went to check it out. And sure enough, we spotted the nest! The mama bird was instinctively protecting her babies from potential danger. I told the girls we were making the mama bird nervous and we should play on the other side of the playground. As we slowly stepped away Leah said, "Good-bye, Mama Bird! We're real proud of you!"

I thought about that mother bird later in the day, and compared her actions to my own. I would certainly flit about and make some noise if one of my "baby birds" were in physical danger. But then I thought about the not so obvious dangers-- subtle things that sneak in through various media or other kids at the playground. I sometimes don't want to make a big deal about something at the risk of hurting feelings or looking silly. But, I realized that I need to protect their little hearts and minds just as much as I need to protect their physical bodies.

So thank you for that lesson today, Mama Bird. I really appreciate it.

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Maria Rose said...

I couldn't agree more. I feel like there is a major responsibility to preserve the innocence of of children for as long as possible. I think that doing so will help them to be able to 1) truly enjoy childhood as it was meant to be 2) help them to later become confident and successful adults.