Monday, June 6, 2011

Super Cao Nguyen

If you're not local to Oklahoma City, you may not know that there is a large Vietnamese population here. There is a section of town near NW 23rd and Classen called The Asian District. It is full of unique markets and restaurants that are really very cool! Sunday night we decided to take the kids to the largest Asian grocery store in the district called Super Cao Nguyen Market. It is full of interesting produce, meats, candy and other unique items. We thought it would be a great place to show the girls a glimpse into another culture and maybe even sample a few items as well.
Entering the store
Right off the bat, we saw many brightly colored plants and golden Buddahs. And piggy banks.
Leah and Hannah

After wandering around for awhile, we headed back home. In the car we asked them, "Did you guys think that was fun? " Their answer, "No. It just smelled like fish."

Oh well. We'll still keep trying to teach them about other cultures.


Susan S said...

I love their sweet little dresses! And they look like they were having fun...

Mocha Mama 24 said...

Did you buy anything. We have a store like that just down the street from us but I haven't been in yet. It was just built this last year and looks huge. I may need to venture in. I know my sister really likes going to a tea place close to where you are by Target. You could let your kids try bubble tea if they haven't yet. It's yummy!

Ashley said...

I took Grant there last year. He blurted out in the meat section "Mom, it smells like dog". I think we think it's cooler than they do. I love the live fish.

Maria Rose said...

Ha ha!