Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crazy Dreams

After my mom passed away, I had a hard time sleeping. I don't like to take a lot of medicine, but I know that it is obviously okay, if not necessary, sometimes. So I tried Tylenol PM to help me fall asleep. The dosage recommended for an adult was two pills at bedtime. I tell you what-- two pills knocked me out! I was thankful for that at first. But eventually, a side affect of taking Tylenol PM every night was that I started having crazy, vivid, somewhat disturbing dreams. I have always had fairly crazy dreams, but these were off the charts for me. Eventually I went down from two pills at bedtime to just one. And now I am not taking any! There was one dream near the end of the crazy dream phase that I thought I'd share with you now. Get ready. It is kind of gross.

In my dream Mike and I are at an outdoor garden party. The scenery is all very idyllic-- lush, beautiful garden, hazy purple twilight, white twinkle lights wrapped around trees, etc. Sort of like the photo below....

There were people milling around, chatting, sipping wine, but I didn't recognize anyone (except Mike). However, I didn't feel awkward at all. Instead I walked over to the food table where a fabulous spread was laid out before me. I loaded up my plate and stood eating my food while watching the sun set in the backdrop. It was all very peaceful as I started nibbling on something very delicious. It was like I was eating a rib-- using my front teeth to sort of gnaw on the meat. I wasn't looking at what I was eating, but I was thinking that it was the best tasting thing I had ever eaten in my entire life. Eventually I decide to look down and to my surprise, I had been eating all the skin and muscle off my left pinkie finger! All that remained was bone and a few bits of dripping flesh. (So gross, I know). But the most disturbing thing is that I wasn't horrified at all! I simply thought, "Oh well. That was good!"

I woke up and immediately checked my finger to make sure it was all still there. Thankfully I have not turned into a cannibal! I laugh at the dream now, but I am kind of curious to know what it really meant on a deeper level. Well, maybe I don't want to know! I'll just chalk it up to the sleeping aide and call it good.

What about you? Have any crazy, disturbing, funny dreams lately?


Maria Rose said...

I have had weird dreams my whole life and I have had dreams where I eat my own arm too. Not sure what it means, but you are not alone!

Rachel said...

Just add a little BBQ sauce and you're good to go! =)