Friday, June 3, 2011

Library Day

Today was a big day for my girls. Because today I took them to the library to get their very first library cards! We are big fans of our metropolitan library system, and now that the girls are in school and can actually read, we decided it was time. I mean, we've always checked books out, but always on my card. There is just something special about having a card with your own name on it, don't you think?

So not only did they receive their library cards today, but we also signed them up for the library's summer reading program. Each time they read or listen to eight books, we bring in our record sheet, and the girls each receive a small prize. In addition, their names are also entered into a drawing to be held at the end of July where they can possibly win a Nintendo Wii! They were both very excited to get started. Each girl carefully selected eight books each, then we settled in to enjoy a break from the 97 degree heat! It's hot here, y'all!

Hannah working on some puzzles
Maria, this is for you. See....I can't escape "y'all". It's everywhere here! Even at the library.
Leah playing a spelling game on the computer.
Our bags -o-books for the next two weeks
The girls' library cards. I love their cute signatures.

There is just something so exciting about a brand new stack of books. We are looking forward to diving into them soon.

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Maria Rose said...

Y'all must be having so much fun! My real question is...are you actually reading the Toby Keith book?