Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Looking Back on Forgotten Lake Photos

The last weekend in April we went out to Lake Tenkiller for a spring getaway with some friends. My aunt and uncle's house is a wonderful place to truly "get away" from the hectic pace of life. Situated on the top of a hill, you can see the lake shimmering down below. From the back porch, however, you can sit, sip some coffee and listen to the sounds of the woods. I had no idea that this weekend was the last one that my mom would be alive. I said good-bye to her in her hospital room the day before we left-- it was my last time to see her. Before I left her room, I gave her a hug and told her I loved her. She responded with an "I love you too, Em." But then, as I had taken a few steps out into the hallway, she called out again, "Love you!!" I had no idea that that would be my last hug. My last "I love you." I did speak with her on the phone that Saturday night while I was at the lake. Her voice sounded weak, and we didn't talk long, but she said for me to drive carefully on the way home and that she loved me.

As you remember, I ended up leaving my camera at the lake and I just got it back this past Sunday. Looking through these forgotten lake photos makes me both happy and sad. Happy because we had such a great weekend. But sad, because I see myself in these photos as completely oblivious to the sorrow that was to happen just a day after I returned. I am thankful that I was able to have a relaxing weekend before the "Storm" hit. And I am thankful that my last visit with my mom was so sweet.
Back porch view. We spent a lot of time relaxing here as the kids all played together in the yard.
Taking an evening stroll to watch the sunset.
Me and Lucas
Reed and Marlee; Mike and Lucas
The sky is turning that beautiful twilight purple.
The sun is starting its descent.
There is it in all its glory.
We fit in a few rounds of Bananagrams, of course.
The "big girls": Hannah, Parker, Leah, Berklee
The "grown up girls": Me, Tanda, Nikki

We are heading back to the lake in a few weekends to fit in some time actually on/in the lake (not just looking at it!). Going to the lake is what people do down here in our land-locked state to avoid the insane heat. And to slow down and spend time with family. That sounds pretty good to me!


Susan S said...

Emily, as I read this post I had tears running down my cheeks. You have so many lovely people in your life to help you deal with this loss, but I know that hole can't be filled. No, that's wrong. It can't be filled YET. I'm so grateful for your faith, that you know your separation from your mom is not permanent.

Maria Rose said...

What an heartbreaking way to look at those photos. Also it is lovely to see that you have such a wonderful support system.