Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cures for Summer Boredom

School has been out for nine days and the "Mom, I'm bored!" statements have already begun. The first time I heard this said today, the solution was markers and drawing paper. The girls sat and colored for nearly two hours! Later, after lunch, the boredom settled in once again. Again, I offered a simple solution-- bubbles! Who doesn't love bubbles? I had three small bottles stored away for an occasion such as this. We sat out on the back porch blowing, chasing, and popping bubbles for quite awhile. I even let Lucas hold his own bottle, which mainly ended up all over his shirt. But hey, he had fun, right? Later, when Lucas was down for an afternoon nap, the girls were once again bored. This time we pulled out the big guns.

The water slide!

When we decided to set up the slide for its inaugural summer debut, we were met with squeals of joy from Hannah and Leah. They were so excited! And this, my friends, was the ultimate cure for boredom today at my house.

What are your go-to ideas when you hear, "Mom, I'm bored!"?


Maria Rose said...

Wow that looks fun! Can adults use it? Did you????

Yesterday we used the sidewalk chalk, did some weeding, took a walk, made cookies and played with the dogs to avoid summer boredom.

Rachel said...

now that is one major slide!! looks like fun!!

we look for the cat to chase, pull out High Ho Cheerio or Candyland or go in the back yard to ride V's little bike. It's always good to get more ideas for backups!!! But summer hasn't really officially started up here are still in school.

Susan S said...

Maria already said all my ideas...oh, except that my Mom told me to always have a chunk of dirt without veggies or flowers in it, just so little people had a place to dig.

As the Summer moves on and your patience thins, you can always say, "If you can't find something to do I will find some chores for you!" Be sure to use a very firm voice and a serious expression. It's ruined if you smile! If that does happen, just take them to the library.

Emily said...

Maria, I have to confess that yes, I did try it out! I learned that a heavy adult slides a lot faster than a skinny six year old. :)

Hello There Tracy:) said...

We have water balloons to be filled up in the tree house so the boys pull the hose up there and fill them up until there is the right amount. Then Connor goes down on the ground and runs from Corban's w.b. shots. (Though he really tries to get it to hit him right in the chest.)